#Week8 : Control the Light


This week we learnt the basic of photography. It is about how to control the light using our SLR. There are three main of controlling the light which are aperture, shutter speed and ISO. Actually i’m not good in explaining these so i will stop here.

Besides, we also got an instant assignment that need to do during the class only. We need to capture 20 pictures; 5 for shapes, 5 for textures and patterns, 5 for framing and 5 for color contrast.

For me, i’m enjoyed capturing the pictures because i can improve my skill in photography. *Although i’m not been selected in group of best pictures captured. Really disappointing me. But it’s okay because i know that i need to put more effort to get A in this subject and to mastering the art of seeing.*

Below, the result of mine in this assignment.

I’m pretty sure that you also will say that mine is nothing to be proud of. It is too simple. Hahaha


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