#Week6 : We not Me!

Hi readers,

For today, all of us need to bring along our own SLR for our class. It is because we gonna take a lot of pictures outside the class. The weather for today was really nice and bright which is suitable for us to play around with our camera.

This also gonna be our individual assignment but it can be done in group. The assignment is about select 5 pictures of the best that we have captured.

I’m really enjoyable doing that because i can take my friends picture and create a sweet moment with them. I also can learn how setting up my camera using manual with the correct way.

Ahhhh… This surrounding really nice and beautiful. Suit for the moment and learning class.

Here, below are some pictures that i captured during the class.

Before i forget to tell, last week we got another assignment to do. A picture of our favorite lecturer. That is about. We have to take pictures of our lecturer; one male and one female. The pictures shall show about what kind of lecturer they are. I think that is the hardest assignment i have got in this class. Not all the lecturer want to corporate with us. They think that they want their own privacy and they really don’t like for us to capture their picture. I hope everything going to be alright and smooth.


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